VIP Inline Refractometer Accessories

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  1. MISCO Installation Kit for VIP Inline Refractometer

    Installation Kit

    The Tri-Clamp Installation kit contains everything you need to mount a VIP1 or VIP2 inline refractometer to a 2” Tri-Clamp fitting. The kit contains a Weld-On adapter, Gasket, Tri-Clamp, and Maintenance Cap. Learn More

  2. MISCO Butt Weld Fitting for VIP2 Inline Refractometer

    Butt Weld Fitting

    You can easily adapt your process plumbing to be Tri-Clamp compatible with this weld-on fitting. Simply weld the 2” stainless fitting in place and you are ready to mount a VIP1 or VIP2 inline refractometer sensor. Learn More

  3. MISCO Tri-Clamp for VIP Inline Process Refractometer


    2” Heavy-duty stainless steel Tri-Clamp is used to secure the MISCO VIP1 or VIP2 inline refractometers sensors to any mating 2” stainless steel Tri-Clamp Fitting. Once the clamp is positioned around the sensor, gasket, and mating fitting, the wingnut is turned until it is hand-tight. No tools are needed to install or uninstall the refractometer. Learn More

  4. MISCO Maintenance Cap for Inline Refractometer

    Maintenance Cap

    A 2” Maintenance Cap can be connected to any 2” Tri-Clamp fitting in the event a sensor needs to be removed for maintenance or calibration. Once installed, you can continue to operate your process without the refractometer sensor in place. Learn More

  5. MISCO Gasket for VIP Inline Refractometer


    A Tri-Clamp Gasket is an essential component of every Tri-Clamp connection. The gasket is sandwiched between the refractometer sensor flange and the Tri-Clamp flange on the mating fitting. Check material compatibility with your process fluid before selecting a gasket. Learn More

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Build Your Own Refractometer

Our Build-Your-Own Refractometer section allows you to design a custom refractometer to your exact specifications. First, select the measurement scales. Next, add options and then accessories to your design. Finally, you can print a custom quote or order immediately. TRY IT NOW!


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