Using a Refractometer to Check for Drug Diversion in Hospital

I am looking at ordering a Palm Abbe Digital Refractometer to use to test for drug diversion in our hospital. Which of the three models would you recommend? I would like to use it to test mainly for Fentanyl, Morphine, Meperidine & midazolam. Thank you.

A refractometer has become an essential tool in the fight to prevent the theft or diversion of injectable drugs. The Palm Abbe PA202 is probably the best choice for testing injectable narcotics. It has both Brix and refractive index scales against which drugs may be standardized. A refractometer can be used in the central pharmacy, satellite pharmacies, surgical units, and nursing units. They are equally useful to pharmacists, nursing supervisors and security personnel or drug diversion investigators. Letting hospital staff members know that drugs are under surveillance, and that they will be tested when returned, will also have preventative effect.

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