Refractometer to Test Metalworking Fluids for Low Concentration Grinding.

Looking for a refractometer to test metalworking fluids for grinding at concentrations from 0.5 to 4%, current analog scale 0 – 15% is too large and we cannot see concentration movements – have you got anything?

Often times when measuring metalworking fluid and emulsions with a traditional analog refractometer, either the resolution is not fine enough or the shadow line is too fuzzy. The best solution for metalworking fluids and emulsions is the MISCO Palm Abbe PA201 digital refractometer. The Palm Abbe refractometer has a Brix scale from 0 to 56 Brix, which is way more range than you need, but the precision is +/- 0.1 Brix. The Palm Abbe is a great instrument for measuring emulsions that are too fuzzy to read on a traditional analog refractometer. The Palm Abbe refractometer can also be programmed with the correction factor for your fluid so that you can read the concentration directly without the need for manual conversions.

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