Refractometer Reading for Lead-Acid Batteries at Full Charge.

I have a model 10440 Refractometer. My question is what reading should i get for lead-acid batteries at full charge? I currently am reading from 16 to 26 on two different batteries.

The MISCO 10440VP is a great refractometer for testing the concentration of metalworking fluids but it is the wrong instrument for measuring state of charge of lead-acid batteries.

A better choice would be either the MISCO 7084VP+ Glycol and Battery Tester, a handheld traditional analog refractometer with a scale for reading the specific gravity of battery electrolyte, or, the Palm Abbe digital refractometer with scales for sulfuric acid concentration.

There are several sulfuric acid scales available for the Palm Abbe refractometer including, specific gravity, density, and percent by weight. The range for the specific gravity scale (D20/20) for the MISCO 7084VP+ is 1.00 to 1.400 and the range for the Palm Abbe digital refractometer is from 1.000 to 1.501. The Palm Abbe is an order of magnitude more accurate than the 7084VP+.

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