Measuring Honey Sugar and Moisture Content with Refractometer.

We required refractometer or any other suitable equipment to measure the sucrose in honey with accuracy. Is there any authorized dealer for this product in India? Or, who should we contact to purchase the same?

If you contact customer service, they will be happy to give you the name of our distributor in India. Our Palm Abbe digital honey refractometer measures percent moisture, or total solids content, of honey. Sucrose is just one of the solids that make up the total solids content of honey. In fact there is only about 1 to 1.5% sucrose in honey. Glucose, Fructose, Maltose, other sugars, and ash make up the majority of the solids content. The specific concentration of solids in any particular batch of honey depends, to a large extent, on the flowers available to the bees. Many people make the same mistake and try to test honey with a Brix refractometer which is designed for sucrose measurement. But since the sucrose level in honey is so low, a Brix reading can be off by 3% or more compared to an actual honey refractometer. For the full scoop, download a copy of our technical bulletin, “From Hive to Table; MISCO Digital Honey Refractometer Provides a Sweet Solution for Measuring Honey Moisture Content.

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