What Makes the Palm Abbe Digital Refractometer Better Than the Competition

How does the MISCO Palm Abbe digital refractometer differ from other handheld digital refractometers on the market?

The MISCO OPTICAL-ENGINE® is what makes the Palm Abbe Different… The Optical-Engine is at the heart of every MISCO digital refractometer. The Optical-Engine combines precision sapphire optics, with a very high resolution detector array, and a light-source matched to a reference wavelength of 589.3 nm.

All these components are housed in a rugged unitized module that prevents optical movement or misalignment even in the roughest conditions. The virtually scratch-proof sapphire measuring surface is four times harder than glass and is the next hardest substance to diamond. Sapphire also has 2.5 times more thermal conductivity than ordinary glass prisms, providing faster temperature response and greater temperature compensation accuracy. Competing refractometers only use ordinary glass prisms.

A 1,024 element detector array provides more than 8 times the resolution of competitors’ 128 element arrays.

The MISCO array has better than 3,256 Pixels/Inch resolution compared with 400 Pixels/Inch resolution in competing refractometers. More resolution means better accuracy and precision.

The Palm Abbe digital refractometer also features a large 24-character by two line LCD display with backlight, a stainless steel sample well and a protective evaporation cover. To top it off, the Palm Abbe has thousands of different scale combinations available and it is made in the USA.

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