How do I change the battery in my MISCO Palm Abbe Digital Refractometer?

The Palm Abbe digital refractometer uses two standard AAA batteries. To change the refractometer batteries, use a Phillips head screwdriver to remove the two battery compartment screws on the bottom of the instrument. The battery door will be visible on the underside of the refractometer even if the refractometer is equipped with a Rubber Armor Jacket ™. When you remove the two screws, be careful not to misplace the tiny O-Ring seals that are attached to them. Discard the old batteries and install fresh ones in the refractometer. Be sure that battery polarity is correct or it will result in irreversible damage to you refractometer. Before reinstalling the door, check the condition of the battery cover gasket. Clean the gasket if it is dirty or contact MISCO sales department for a new battery cover gasket if yours is damaged. Once the batteries are in place in the refractometer, position the battery door and insert the screws. Tighten the screws firmly but do not over tighten.

For more information about refractometer care, maintenance, and troubleshooting, please see the following page: Digital Handheld Refractometer Training.

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