Refractometer for Honey Quality, Sugar Percentage, Honey Moisture Content, Total Solids.

 Hello, I am looking for a perfect personal device for testing honey quality. I always use honey for medication. Unfortunately, I cannot note the difference between the good or bad honey. Some honey products involve high percentage of sugar and this really effects the quality of honey. So, Please let me know what the good device for testing honey.

The Palm Abbe digital refractometer is ideal for testing either the moisture content or total solids content of honey. There are three base honey models to choose from. Each of the three honey refractometers has different scale combinations. For more information on honey refractometers, search for honey or navigate to the Digital Handheld category and use the filters to view the selection of honey refractometers. A honey technical bulleting is available from MISCO customer service or from any of the honey refractometer pages.

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