Programming a Refractometer with Metalworking Fluid Multiplication Factors.

I have a customer who has a PA 201 Palm Unit & is using one of our metalworking coolants that has a 3.11 Brix multiplier. He wants to have it calibrated with the Brix multiplier factored in, so that his technicians will read the true concentration as having to use a multiplier. Can this be done and if so, where does it need to be sent? What is the cost for this upgrade? What other information is needed prior to shipment back to MISCO?

We can program any multiplier or factor for a metalworking fluid into the Palm Abbe digital refractometer so that you can directly read the concentration of a metalworking coolant or fluid. This can be done at the time of order or the refractometer can be returned to us for reprogramming.

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