Refractometer to Measure AFFF and FFFP Fire-Fighting Foam.

Please kindly furnish me with information and price on a refractometer for testing airport foam solutions for dealing with aircraft fires. The test we do presently is visual. We would like to upgrade, especially now that we have new Rescue and Fire Fighting Trucks that produce AFFF and FFFP foam solutions. We would like our inspectors to be using it to assess the foam solution concentration, quality and performance.

The best method for measuring AFFF and FFFP fire-fighting foam solutions is with the MISCO Palm Abbe PA202 digital refractometer. The PA202 has a scale for refractive index and a precision of +/- 0.0001 refractive index units, making it ideal for field testing firefighting foam.  Our best device for this is our Brix Refractometer – with Refractive Index measurement. 

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