Best Refractometer for Measuring High Molar Concentrations of Urea.

Hi, I’m interested in purchasing a refractometer, but I am not sure which type is suited to my needs. I plan to use it in order to verify concentrations of Urea concentration. The temperature of the solution will be 35 degrees Celsius, and I want to use high concentrations, 6M-8M Urea. Can you please advise as to which device is best suited to my needs?

The Palm Abbe digital refractometer is ideal for measuring urea concentration. There are scales to read Molarity 0.0 to 8.6, as well as scales for percent by weight, specific gravity, density, freeze point (Celsius and Fahrenheit), and parts per thousand. The refractometer is automatically temperature corrected for temperatures between 10 to 45 °C (50 to 113 °F). If you can’t decide which urea scale that you need, that’s ok; you can select any five scales to be programmed into a Palm Abbe PA203x. Please give us a call, customer service will be happy to help you select the scales that you need.

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