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DISCONTINUED PRODUCT - SEE REPLACEMENT PRODUCT OPTIONS Consider switching to a higher precision digital Palm Abbe refractometer. Pricing starts at $235, just $45 more than the 7084VP+. Click on the Related Products tab for links to these digital options. Fahrenheit refractometer for testing ethylene glycol freezing point, propylene glycol freeze point, and the state of charge in lead-acid batteries. Test antifreeze, engine coolants, and heat-transfer fluids. Has illuminated scale. MISCO Model 7084VP+.

Product ID: 7084VP+

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MISCO 7084VP+ Traditional Analog Refractometer Fahrenheit

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  • MISCO 7084VP+ Analog Refractometer Scale Close-Up View
  • MISCO 7084VP+ Traditional Analog Refractometer Fahrenheit
  • MISCO 7084VP+ Traditional Analog Refractometer Fahrenheit
  • MISCO 7084VP+ Traditional Analog Refractometer Fahrenheit
  • MISCO ViewPoint Illuminator for 70X4VP+ Traditional Refractometer

Ethylene Glycol
  • UofM: Freeze Point ºF
  • Range: +32 to -84
  • Resolution: 5
  • Precision (+/-): 5
Propylene Glycol
  • UofM: Freeze Point ºF
  • Range: +32 to -60
  • Resolution: 5
  • Precision (+/-): 5
Battery Acid
  • UofM: Spcfc Gravity (D20/20)
  • Range: 1.095 to 1.400
  • Resolution: 0.005
  • Precision (+/-): 0.005

Additional Information

Scale 1 7084VP-1
Scale 2 7084VP-2
Scale 3 7084VP-3
Optic Material Glass
Detector Elements N/A
Well/ Sample Area Material Plastic
Evaporation/ Sample Cover Yes
Country of Origin India
Light Source Red LED
Display Type Analog Reticle
Display Characters N/A
Display Backlight Yes
Display Language English
Temperature Control Method Auto Temp. Compensation
Temperature Control Basis Other
Temperature Range No
Power Source Self-Contained
Battery Life Ten-Year Shelf Life
Dimensions No
Weight No
User Programmable None
User Calibration Points 1
Body Color ORANGE
Body Material Plastic
Water Resistance No
Error Codes No
Approvals and Certifications No

A Refractometer is the Best Method for
Testing Ethylene Glycol & Propylene Glycol
Antifreeze, Engine Coolant, and Heat-Transfer Fluids in Degrees Fahrenheit

The MISCO Glycol & Battery Tester is a fast and easy-to-use refractometer designed for testing the freeze point of propylene glycol and ethylene glycol antifreeze solutions. Refractometers represent the most accurate conventional testing method available for determining freeze point and concentration of engine coolants and antifreeze solutions. Don't be misled by hydrometers or freeze-point test strips, which are not accurate enough to be useful.

The bright easy to read scale provides direct readings of propylene glycol freeze point as low as -60°F and ethylene glycol as low as -84°F. Automatic temperature compensation provides immediate, accurate, direct readings without the need to measure temperature or apply a correction. The MISCO Glycol & Battery Tester is also the most accurate means of determining state-of-charge or specific gravity readings for electrolyte in lead-acid batteries.


See It From Our ViewPoint.

ONLY MISCO Refractometers come equipped with the patented ViewPoint Illuminator. ViewPoint is a light source with a self-contained power supply that provides extra illumination for the scale inside the instrument, improving the contrast and accuracy of the reading. The refractometer may be used with or without the ViewPoint. The long-lasting power supply has a TEN YEAR shelf life.



Auto Temperature Compensation
Automatic-temperature-compensation eliminates the need for measuring temperatures and applying a correction factor, when taking readings. Both the range and response time of the temperature compensation are unsurpassed by any other instruments in the industry. Instruments without temperature compensation simply can't measure up.

Tuned Optics

All MISCO Refractometers are calibrated at two points on the scale. Two-point calibration make this the most accurate hand-held refractometer available because calibration is tuned over the entire span of the scale. Beware of refractometers that don't allow for two-point adjustments.

Certified calibration traceable to NIST is available.

Scale Available in Degrees Celsius
The 7064VP+ refractometer is functionally identical to the 7084VP+ refractometer but the internal scale displays glycol freezepoints in degrees Celsius instead of degrees Fahrenheit.

Key Features Only MISCO Offers
  • ViewPoint™ Illuminator
  • Razor-Sharp Shadowlines
  • Ethylene & Propylene Glycol Freeze Points
  • Battery Acid Specific Gravity Scale for Lead-Acid Batteries
  • Auto Temperature Compensation
  • Available Fahrenheit and Celsius Models

Build Your Own Refractometer

Our Build-Your-Own Refractometer section allows you to design a custom refractometer to your exact specifications. First, select the measurement scales. Next, add options and then accessories to your design. Finally, you can print a custom quote or order immediately. TRY IT NOW!


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