New Digital Veterinary Refractometer has Species Specific Scales

Veterinary Refractometer

Is your veterinary refractometer actually a human refractometer in sheep’s clothing?

MISCO introduces the new VETMED Refractometer: a portable digital testing instrument designed for the analysis of animal blood and urine in a clinical veterinary practice or testing laboratory. The VETMED may be used to instantly and accurately measure urine specific gravity, blood plasma protein concentration, peritoneal, pleural, and other body fluids.

“Veterinarians have long used refractometers designed for humans to test animal blood and urine,” says Michael Caminer, MISCO Director of Marketing. “However, research has shown that certain species, such as felines, cannot accurately be measured using traditional refractometers.”

The VETMED instruments are programmed with species specific scales for testing canine and large animal urine, as well as separate scales for testing feline urine. The instruments rely on the proven proprietary OPTICAL-ENGINE® in MISCO’s Palm Abbe Refractometer platform for testing and analysis.

A simple, user-friendly interface consists of two buttons: one to take readings and the other to step through various scales or menu options. The large dual-line LCD display is easily read, even in dim light, and readings are automatically temperature compensated for fluids read between 0 and 50 °C (+32 to 122 °F). Calibration of the VETMED is also automatic and does not require special calibration solutions or tools.

The standard VETMED01 has four scales for testing dog, large animal, and cat urine, as well as total protein concentration. The VETMED02 has urine specific gravity scales for dogs and cats. Dozens of other scales are available, including scales for testing rabbits and guinea pigs. Scales may be mixed and matched to create custom instruments.

The VETMED precision is comparable to mid-range bench-top refractometers costing thousands of dollars more, yet they are priced from $435 to $525 (US). The fully digital instrument removes the subjectivity associated with analog refractometers that require users to interpret where a boundary line crosses tiny scale divisions. The digital design also eliminates the need to bring body fluids close to the face and eyes.

The following standard instruments and scales are available:


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