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The all new MISCO MVP (“Most Valuable Process”) inline process refractometer is a rugged industrial refractometer that uses the latest smart-sensor technology for automated continuous measurement of process fluids. The smart-sensor concept means that all the intelligence is contained within the refractometer sensor itself; there is NO external control box to install or maintain. An integrated flow-thru adapter and mounting bracket make installation flexible and easy. The MVP inline refractometer is available with analog and digital outputs. The sensor can be removed from the adapter with a quarter-turn for cleaning.

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MISCO MVP Inline Process Refractometer

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IMPORTANT: You can choose nearly any scale from the extensive MISCO scale library. Scales can be preprogrammed into the Sensor for this device. The below values represent equivalent values for comparison purposes.

Additional Information

Scale 1 001
Scale 2 003
Scale 3 No
Scale 4 No
Scale 5 No
Optic Material Sapphire
Detector Elements 1,024
Well/ Sample Area Material Stainless Steel
Evaporation/ Sample Cover N/A
Country of Origin USA
Light Source Precision LED @ 589.3 nm
Display Type None
Display Characters N/A
Display Backlight N/A
Display Language N/A
Temperature Control Method Auto Temp. Correction
Temperature Control Basis Scale Dependent
Temperature Range -20 to 100 °C (-4 to 212 °F)
Power Source 5 to 24 VDC
Battery Life No
Dimensions 60 mm L x 47 mm x 47 mm (2.36” x 1.85“ x 1.85”)
Weight 1.02 kg (2 lbs. 4 Oz.)
User Programmable Change Scale, Options/Settings, Select Scale
User Calibration Points 2
Body Material No
Water Resistance IP68 - NEMA 6P - Immersion to 1m
Error Codes Text-Based
Approvals and Certifications No
Fluid Seals Fluorosilicone
Computer Interface Yes
USB Output Yes
Pressure Range 0 to 20.68 bar (0 to 300 psi)

MVP Inline Process Refractometer

Forget everything you thought that you knew about inline process refractometers because we have done a complete re-think about what an inline process refractometer should be. We began by integrating a flow-through head with a smart sensor. But this was only the beginning…

The MISCO MVP (short for “Most Valuable Process”) is really quite unique and bears little resemblance to the relics from the past. With the MVP inline you adapt the refractometer to your process - not your process to the refractometer. Other manufacturers have rigid rules concerning how and where you can place their sensor. Some installations even require you to purchase expensive custom adapters to fit your process to their refractometer. Not the MVP!

By running the MVP in a by-pass stream, next to your main process, the need for special plumbing and adapters is virtually eliminated and you will never need to shut-down the main process to clean or maintain your refractometer ever again. The integrated Flow-Thru Adapter is specifically designed to channel the process flow over the sensor face to help keep it clean. In the event that your sensor needs to be cleaned, it can be removed from the adapter with just a quarter-turn – no tools are needed. The sensor can also be cleaned in place with plant steam if your process requires.

Smart-Sensors Are… Just Smarter

The smart-sensor concept means that all the intelligence is contained within the sensor itself, so there is NO external control box to install or maintain. We have visited hundreds of process plants over the years and have found that most operators take the analog or digital outputs from their inline refractometer’s external control box straight into a process control system, and no one ever looks at the display on the control box. So we asked, why have a control box? Eliminating the control box eliminates another thing to mount, eliminates one more thing to wire, and is one less thing that can break.

At the heart of the MVP inline refractometer is MISCO’s innovative IRIS™ technology. IRIS, short for Intelligent Refractive Index Sensor, puts the “smarts” in smart-sensor and is crafted from decades of experience in the most demanding corners of the refractometer industry. IRIS precision optics and electronics work together to provide near instantaneous measurement of your fluid and present you with direct readings in the unit of measure you desire. It is IRIS that allows the MVP to instantly and accurately respond to minute changes in refractive index, temperature correct the reading, convert refractive index into a more user-friendly unit of measure, and then transmit the results to your data capture system.

Tens of thousands of possible scale combinations can be programmed into the MVP Sensor allowing you receive output directly in the unit of measure that you require, not just refractive index or some other arcane measurement system that you must translate in your PLC.

Installation is Quick & Easy

The sensor can be installed in just MINUTES with only a Phillips-head screwdriver and a 3/8” open-end wrench. First, the integrated mounting bracket is easily bolted to Unistrut, or to a wall. Next, the Flow-Thru Adapter is connected to the mounting bracket with two screws. Push-to-connect rigid plastic tubing is then inserted into two of the four input/output ports. The MVP Sensor is then connected to the Flow-Thru Adapter with a quarter turn. Finally, the Power/Data cable is run from a PLC and attached to the back of the sensor. Now you are ready to go. What’s more, it can just as easily be broken down and moved as your needs change.

Ultimate Flexibility

Flexibility begins with fluid I/O. The MVP Flow-Thru Adapter has a total of four I/O ports to move fluid into and out of the adapter. Select the ports that lend themselves best to your installation and plug the other two. Or, connect two supply lines controlled by automated valves. Use one port for your process fluid and the other for steam cleaning, or connect two different process lines to the same instrument and selectively control and measure them, the options are nearly endless.

The MVP adapts to your process with inexpensive, commonly available fittings. The four fluid I/O ports, on the Flow-Thru Head, have ¼” NPT-F thread so there is a virtually unlimited supply of off-the-shelf adapters available for push-to-connect plastic tubing, hose bard fittings, compression fittings, stainless steel tube, etc.

Sensor I/O is equally flexible. The MVP smart sensor outputs directly to computers, PLC, SCADA, HMI, PLR, RTU, data acquisition systems, chart-recorders, etc. Each MVP refractometer is programmed with measurement scales, that you select, for a particular physical property of a specific fluid. Digital models provide true RS-232 serial output in either a broadcast or polled mode. Add your own fluid name, batch name, process name, or sensor location to the sensor output to more easily associate that sensor with your actual process.

Sensor Configuration

A special control program, running on a Microsoft Windows computer, allows you to quickly connect to the sensor with a USB cable. The program allows you to view real-time readings, change settings, calibrate the sensor, and perform sensor updates and/or maintenance. You can even connect to the sensor while it is in line to diagnose or troubleshoot problems.


The fluid contact surfaces are made from the highest quality 316L stainless steel, that has been passivated to provide the best possible corrosion resistance, while the anodized aluminum sensor body is sealed from the elements and constructed for years of service in harsh industrial environments. A precision-ground sapphire optic, the next hardest substance to diamond, provides a virtually scratch-proof measuring surface. Add to this the wide temperature and pressure range and I think that you will agree that the MVP is without equal.

U.S. Patent D563,136 S – Other Patents Pending
Key Features Only MISCO Offers
  • IRIS™ Smart-Sensor Technology
  • Standalone Design - Does not require external controller.
  • Operates in bypass or inline mode
  • Integrated flow-through adapter, mounting bracket, & sensor.
  • Adapter and bracket stay connected to plumbing even when sensor is removed.
  • Quarter-turn sensor removal without tools.
  • Quick disconnect for fast cleaning or maintenance.
  • Four Flexible ¼” NPT-F I/O ports can connect to almost anything.
  • Connect 4 to 20 mA output directly to PLC or data capture system.
  • Connect to computer via USB cable for configuration and calibration.
  • Stainless steel sample chamber and flow through head
  • Sapphire optics.
  • High-definition detector array.

Build Your Own Refractometer

Our Build-Your-Own Refractometer section allows you to design a custom refractometer to your exact specifications. First, select the measurement scales. Next, add options and then accessories to your design. Finally, you can print a custom quote or order immediately. TRY IT NOW!


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