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MISCOwatch™ Fluid Tracking Technology provides you with all the tools necessary to automatically track your metalworking fluids in real-time. The watchLINK hub has an integrated cellular radio which transmits sensor data for concentration and pH directly to the MISCO OVERwatch Digital-Brain Cloud Platform. Measurements sent to the OVERwatch Digital-Brain can be viewed on any smart-phone, tablet, or computer.

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MISCOwatch Fluid Tracking Technology

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MISCOwatch™ Fluid Tracking Technology

Automated Metalworking Fluid Performance Tracking in Real-Time

Metalworking fluid management is frequently the most neglected portion of a manufacturing process, leading to countless millions of dollars in waste/loss. Complications due to nonconforming metalworking fluids are commonly only detected once the fluid is operating well outside its specified parameters. MISCOwatch™ Fluid Tracking Technology provides you with the tools necessary to automatically track your metalworking fluids with the click of a mouse or flick of a finger; if only the rest of your business day was that easy.


Track – Trend – Analyze – Predict

• Track Concentration, pH, temperature, and Emulsion Health

• Optimize MWF properties and maximize their performance

• Identify and react to trends before there’s a quality or health problem

• Set limits and receive alerts for out of spec fluids

 • Prioritize your resources around problem sumps

• Receive instant feedback on corrective actions

 • Works with any computer, tablet, or smartphone

• Reduces costly machine downtime, fluid disposal, and replacement fluids

I Know I Should, BUT…

You know the promise, you probably repeat it in your sleep, keeping metalworking fluid concentration in range will decrease cycle times by increasing feed and speed rates, prolong tool life, inhibit corrosion, reduce surface finish defects, prevent microbial problems which prematurely age fluids and cause health and safety issues, and reduce fluid waste and disposal costs. It sounds like a pharmaceutical ad, but without the adverse side effects.


The significance of managing proper coolant concentration is not lost on any professional tasked with running a machining operation, and few shops are without at least one handy-dandy handheld refractometer with which to measure metalworking fluid concentration. However, that refractometer is often an unfortunate afterthought, relegated to the hidden recesses at the back of someone’s desk drawer, and only deployed when the symptoms of a serious problem arise.


Yeah, I know, you have a program in place to monitor your fluids every day and write their values down on a clipboard, but if your shop is like most, the last date on that clipboard is more than six months old, and nobody remembered to enter those values into the computer. Don’t be embarrassed; every manager has the best intentions when it comes to metalworking fluid management. The reality is everyone is busy - really busy - and with so many other issues competing for your attention something as routine as metalworking fluid management often falls by the wayside, that is of course until there’s an audit, a quality issue, or health problems.


If it takes longer for you to find your handheld refractometer than it takes to measure a coolant sample; if you recognize the importance of monitoring and managing metalworking fluids, but don’t have enough resources; or, if you just want to implement industry best-practices and lead your company toward the “smart-factory” and Industry 4.0, then have a look at BRIXwatch™.

BRIXwatch™ Watches so you Don’t Have to…

BRIXwatch Sensor

BRIXwatch represents a radical new approach to automated real-time meralworking fluid tracking. Once deployed on a sump, or central system, BRIXwatch and pHwatch sensors together continuously track concentration and pH and send readings to MISCO’s OVERwatch Digital-Brain, where history and trend data is viewed using any computer browser, tablet, or smartphone. Because the measurement process is automated, no one has to remember to walk around the plant taking measurements, recording them, and entering them into a computer. Best of all, no one wastes time monitoring sumps that are in spec. Real-time fluid tracking, together with timely corrective action, delivers the best performance from your fluids.


According to Metalworking Fluids, 2nd ed. (Beyers et al.), “The majority of fluid problems arise due to improper concentration, when the fluid mix becomes too rich or too lean. Evaporation and carry-off losses, approximately 2 to 10% per day, alter the fluid’s mix ratio (pg. 283).” It is also noteworthy that, “A mix that is excellent at 5% may give considerable problems at 3%, and surely will at lower strengths. Not only can the corrosion inhibitors be over-diluted, but microbial damage (as discussed earlier) can set in (Pg. 194).

Much More Than a Refractometer…

pHwatch INDUSTRIAL pH Sensor

I don’t have to tell you that concentration control is essential, but did you know that microbial growth is one of the main threats to emulsion stability and the health and safety of your workers? Increases in microbial load lead to the release of acids, which lower pH and stress metalworking fluids. pH should generally be moderately alkaline, between 8.0 to 9.5 pH for most metals and slightly lower for aluminum, to reduce microbial loads and avoid corrosion of parts and tools. For most metals, pH levels <8.0 are often accompanied by corrosion, emulsion instability, rancid odors, and increased risk of health issues for workers. pH levels >9.5 are likely to cause skin irritation.


pHwatch™ is a rugged, industrial pH sensor, deployed with BRIXwatch, and designed to track the overall health of your fluid. pHwatch represents a new standard in industrial pH measurement. The fragile glass electrode has been replaced by an advanced hybrid planar sensor, increasing ruggedness and usability in demanding industrial applications. The hybrid planar sensor is virtually Calibration-Free and Drift-Free, resulting in more accurate and reliable measurements over time.


pH is a useful indicator of the overall health of a metalworking fluid and provides early-warning of uncontrolled microbial growth which, if left untreated, can lead to premature emulsion failure requiring draining and fluid replacement. Considering the cost to drain, clean, refill a sump and dispose of the old fluid, combined with lost production, preventing one occurrence per year could more than pay for the cost of the subscription.

watchLINK™ your Secure Link to the OVERwatch Digital-Brain™…

watchLINK Secure Cloud Link

watchLINK is a small hub that powers and communicates with your BRIXwatch and pHwatch sensors and makes real-time automated fluid tracking possible. The watchLINK hub arrives preconfigured and, since it has its own integrated cellular radio modem, is not connected to your company’s computer network (your IT and network security guys will love that). Secure encrypted data from the sensors is aggregated in the watchLINK hub and then transmitted to MISCO’s OVERwatch Digital-Brain.


Similar IoT systems connect sensors to short-range radios, which in turn connect to a gateway device containing a singular cellular radio modem, which then connects to the Cloud. In this topology, the gateway unit is the single weak link, for if the gateway unit goes down, the entire plant is blind. MISCO overcomes this failure-mode by integrating a cellular radio into each watchLINK hub, thereby eliminating the gateway as a single point of failure. In the unlikely event you lose one watchLINK hub, only one sump is effected.

Our head's in the Clouds….

OVERwatch Digital-Brain

OVERwatch Digital-Brain™ is the MISCO Cloud, where it all comes together to provide you with a complete end-to-end solution. OVERwatch accumulates and secures your digital fluid data while providing you instant access to real-time and historical measurement data and trend analysis, which is accessed through any computer, tablet, or smartphone. You can set limits and ranges for each of your fluids and receive instant emails or text messages if a parameter exceeds those limits.


Because the measurement process is automated, no one has to remember to walk around the plant taking manual measurements, recording them, and entering them into a computer, and no one wastes time monitoring sumps that are within spec. Instead, you can mobilize your resource to take corrective action only when and where it is needed. Identify and react to trends before there is a problem and get instant feedback on your corrective actions. Proactively plan maintenance instead of reacting to emergencies.


With OVERwatch, you can track fluid concentration, pH, temperature, and emulsion health online, or download historical data in an Excel Spreadsheet for further analysis and record keeping.


MISCOwatch™ Fluid Tracking Technology represents a rugged, inexpensive, and robust real-time fluid management solution allowing you to reduce fluid costs and waste, maximize fluid performance, and ensure a healthy working environment for your workers.

It’s Really not Complicated…

You have enough to worry about, so we took the complication out of the setup to help make your installation as worry-free as possible. But, we are only a phone call away if you ever need a hand.


1. Just connect the MISCOwatch™ fluid manifold to your sump.

2. Run power to the watchLINK hub™.

3. Plug the BRIXwatch™ and pHwatch™ sensors into the hub.

4. Go to iot.misco.com and link your sensors to the OVERwatch Digital-Brain™.

5. Setup your users and passwords.

6. Start tracking your fluids from any computer, tablet, or smartphone.

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Our Build-Your-Own Refractometer section allows you to design a custom refractometer to your exact specifications. First, select the measurement scales. Next, add options and then accessories to your design. Finally, you can print a custom quote or order immediately. TRY IT NOW!


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