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The new MISCO IRIS+ Inline Sensor (TM) offers extended temperature and pressure ranges, as well as more precision than the standard MISCO IRIS Sensor. The modular design consists of a fully integrated package including the sensor, a stainless steel flow-through adapter with two stainless push-to-connect I/O ports, and an integrated mounting bracket. With just a quarter-turn, the detachable “smart-sensor” can be removed from the adapter without tools for cleaning or maintenance. Working independently of an external control box, the sensor can be configured for 4 to 20 mA or 0 to 10 volt analog output, or optional RS232 ASCII digital output, which can be connected directly to a PLC or data capture system. The IRIS+ Sensor may be programmed with scales from the extensive MISCO scale library.

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IRIS+ Inline Refractometer Sensor

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Refractive Index (standard)
  • Range: 1.3330-1.3900
  • Resolution: 0.0001
  • Precision (+/-): 0.0003
  • Range: 0-35
  • Resolution: 0.1
  • Precision (+/-): 0.2 Brix
Propylene Glycol Range
  • Range: 0 to 50%
  • Resolution: 0.1
  • Precision (+/-): 0.25%

Additional Information

Scale 1 001
Scale 2 003
Scale 3 No
Scale 4 No
Scale 5 No
Optic Material Sapphire
Detector Elements 1,024
Well/ Sample Area Material 316L Stainless Steel
Evaporation/ Sample Cover N/A
Country of Origin USA
Light Source Precision LED @ 589.3 nm
Display Type None
Display Characters N/A
Display Backlight N/A
Display Language N/A
Temperature Control Method Auto Temp. Correction
Temperature Control Basis Scale Dependent
Temperature Range 0 to 52°C (32 to 125 °F)
Power Source 5 to 24 VDC
Battery Life NA
Dimensions 2" Dia. x 3.5" Long (5 cm x 8.9 cm)
Weight 0.45 kg (1 lbs.)
User Programmable Factory Reprogrammable, Options/Settings, Select Scale
User Calibration Points 2
Body Material Polymer
Water Resistance IP68 - NEMA 6P - Immersion to 1m
Error Codes Lights
Approvals and Certifications CE, FCC
Fluid Seals Kalrez
Computer Interface Yes
USB Output No
Pressure Range 0 to 50 psi (0 to 3.4 Bar)

How does an Inline Refractive Index Sensor differ from an Inline Refractometer?

Inline refractometers, for the most part, can best be described as a “dumb-sensor” cabled to an external control box. The proprietary control box generally hosts a display, the user-interface, and connections to external equipment such as PLCs, computers, or other data capture equipment. Mounting the control box close to the sensor takes up room, increases installation time, is an added expense, and is one more thing to maintain or break. There are generally few plumbing options since the Dumb-Sensor is usually mounted in the main process stream and frequently requires special, often expensive, adapters.

The Dumb-Sensor/Control Box model is a throw-back to earlier days. In the new world of digital controls seldom does anyone look at the display on the control box. Most users just want to connect a sensor into their network and read the measurements on their computer, HMI, or SCADA equipment. There really is no need for the external display in most installations.

Unlike conventional inline or process refractometers, the IRIS Inline Sensor is a true “smart-sensor” that operates completely independently of an external controller. The IRIS inline is designed to be connected directly into your control system with an analog 4 to 20 mA or 0 to 10 volt output (digital RS232 output is optional). In the event that you do require a digital display, an inexpensive off-the-shelf panel meter can be added.

Flexible Installation

As the name implies, most inline refractometers are mounted “inline” with a main process stream. Inline mounting frequently requires special, often expensive, custom adapters and the entire process must be shut down to remove the sensing head for cleaning or maintenance. The IRIS Inline Sensor is easily connected to a by-pass stream, running alongside the main process, using common off-the-shelf hardware.

Instead of the sensor forcing you to adapt your process to the sensor, the MISCO IRIS Sensor is easily integrated into your process. Two push-to-connect I/O ports, on the face of the flow-through adapter, make it easy to connect the IRIS sensor to nearly any type of process. These 5/16” (8mm) ports can accommodate a nearly unlimited number of common inexpensive, off-the-shelf connectors and adapters. 

Here are just a few connector options:

• 5/16” flexible tubing can be run straight into one of the push-to-connect I/O ports and out the other.

• Two right-angle elbows, one short and one long, can push into the I/O ports and provide 360° of rotation so that lines may come in from any angle.

• 5/16” push-to-connect adapter can expand to accept 3/8” flex tubing and can reduce to ¼”, 3/16”, or 5/32” tubing.

• 5/16” push-to-connect adapter converts to 1/8” or ¼” NPT-M, 10-32 UNF, BSPT, or BSPP.

• ¼”NPT-M fitting can connect with a number of sizes of NPT pipe fittings.

• 5/16” push-to-connect fitting to ¼” hose barb.

Whether you run steel tubing, flexible tubing, hose, or pipe, there is probably a quick push-to-connect adapter for your needs.

How to Install

Installation is fast and easy:

1. Screw mounting bracket to C-Channel, Unistrut, or other convenient location.

2. Run lines to flow-through adapter.

3. Run sensor cable from PLC or data capture equipment to sensor mounting location.

4. Configure the sensor : When you first receive your IRIS+ Sensor, configure it to your needs using the MISCO Inline Connect Software (included). Just plug the sensor into the USB port on the computer and run the software. Configuration is very simple!

5. Connect the Sensor and Flow-Through Adapter. Requires a ¼-turn and will lock in place. No tools needed.

6. Screw the sensor cable to rear of IRIS Sensor and you are ready to go.

*The sensor will come with special configuration software. Requires a computer running a MS Windows operating system and a USB port.

Key Features Only MISCO Offers
  • IRIS™ Smart-Sensor Technology
  • Standalone Design - Does not require external controller.
  • Operates in bypass or inline mode
  • Integrated flow-through adapter, mounting bracket, & sensor.
  • Adapter and bracket stay connected to plumbing even when sensor is removed.
  • Quarter-turn sensor removal without tools.
  • Quick disconnect for fast cleaning or maintenance.
  • Flexible 5/16” (8 mm) I/O ports can connect to almost anything.
  • Connect 4 to 20 mA output directly to PLC or data capture system.
  • Connect to computer via USB cable for configuration and calibration.
  • Stainless steel sample chamber
  • Sapphire optics.
  • High-definition detector array.

Build Your Own Refractometer

Our Build-Your-Own Refractometer section allows you to design a custom refractometer to your exact specifications. First, select the measurement scales. Next, add options and then accessories to your design. Finally, you can print a custom quote or order immediately. TRY IT NOW!


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