Fluid Testing for a Variety of Applications

MISCO Refractometer strives to work with our client industries and develop top tier measurement scales.For applications that we do not yet fully understand, we offer our baseline refractometer scales with historically complete scale options. The MISCO Palm Abbe handheld refractometer is able to accurately measure liquids with a variety of dissolved solids.

Pre-Configured Refractometers

Easy Order: Here are a few of the most popular Scale Combinations and Refractometer Models. If you do not see what you like, you can mix and match scales in the Build-Your-Own section, or call customer service for assistance:

Flexible Custom Programming Options

The MISCO Refractometer can be custom-programmed with up to 5 scales to meet your exact needs. To order:

  1. Browse the refractometer scale options in the following dropdown tab and record the scale numbers you want.
  2. Go to Order Refractometer by Scale# and follow the simple instructions to create your custom programmed refractometer.

10440VP 0-30 Units

Scale# 308
UoM: 0-30 Unit Arbitrary Scale
Range: 0 to 30
Resolution: 0.1
Precision: 0.1


Scale# 003
Range: 0 to 85
Resolution: 0.1
Precision: 0.1


Scale# 004
Range: 0 to 56
Resolution: 0.1
Precision: 0.1

Ref. Index (nD20)

Scale# 001
UoM: Refractive Index (nD20)
Range: 1.3330 to 1.5000
Resolution: 0.0001
Precision: 0.0001

Refractometer Platform Choices

Inline-Process Refractometer:

The above scales are also available on any MISCO inline process refractometer or concentration sensors. They are made for continuous concentration measurement of process fluids.

MISCO Handheld Digital Refractometer:

MISCO has the most extensive refractometer scale library on the planet. Don't see what you want? Browse by handheld refractometer model or by refractometer application. Or give us a call. We can help!