MISCO Digital Handheld Refractometer

Refractometer for Testing Blood Plasma Protein Concentration

A few drops of serum is all that is needed for a rapid test.

Determination of serum total protein is a common clinical assessment, providing rapid insight into several disease and infectious conditions. Refractometers have been used for more than half a century to provide a simple and fast method of assessing serum total protein concentration.

Pre-Configured Refractometers

Easy Order: Here are a few of the most popular Scale Combinations and Refractometer Models. If you require different programming, you can mix and match scales through the Flexible Custom Programming section below, or call customer service for assistance:

Flexible Custom Programming Options

The MISCO Refractometer can be custom-programmed with up to 5 scales to meet your exact needs. To order:

  1. Browse the refractometer scale options in the following dropdown tab and record the scale numbers you want.
  2. Go to Order Refractometer by Scale# and follow the simple instructions to create your custom programmed refractometer.
Blood Plasma Protein

Blood (Human) % Solids

Scale# 109
UoM: % Total Solids
Range: 0 to 15
Resolution: 0.1
Precision: 0.1

Blood (Human) (D20/20)

Scale# 110
UoM: Specific Gravity (D20/20)
Range: 1.000 to 1.043
Resolution: 0.0001
Precision: 0.0002

Blood (Human) (g/ml)

Scale# 111
UoM: Density (g/ml)
Range: 0.9982 to 1.0403
Resolution: 0.0001
Precision: 0.0002

Blood (Human) Protein g/dL

Scale# 108
UoM: Total Protein (TPr) g/dl
Range: 1 to 14
Resolution: 0.1
Precision: 0.1

Refractometer Platform Choices

Inline-Process Refractometer:

The above scales are also available on any MISCO inline process refractometer or concentration sensors. They are made for continuous concentration measurement of process fluids.

MISCO Handheld Digital Refractometer:

MISCO has the most extensive refractometer scale library on the planet. Don't see what you want? Browse by handheld refractometer model or by refractometer application. Or give us a call. We can help!