When To Change Your Brake Fluid with Chart

Palm Abbe for Brake Fluid

How, when, and where you drive all affect when you need to change your brake fluid. If the vehicle is used for towing, driving in mountainous regions, driving at high speeds, or has ABS brakes, it is best to change the fluid when the refractometer reading shows 2% water content or less. All vehicles should […]

New Instrument for High-Precision Measurements of Soy Milk Solids and Protein Concentration

(CLEVELAND, OH – April 22, 2013) MISCO introduces their new digital handheld Soy Milk refractometer, engineered specifically for measuring the solids and protein content of Soy Milk. The MISCO Soy Milk refractometer is the first handheld instrument able to measure both the solids and protein content of Soy Milk. Technically not milk at all, Soy […]

New Modular Smart-Sensors Make Concentration Measurement Simple & Inexpensive

(CLEVELAND, OH – April 15, 2013) Conceptually different than any other inline refractometer available, the patented IRIS™ (Intelligent Refractive Index Sensor) line introduced today by MISCO, represents a new standard for inline concentration measurement. The modular design includes a flow-through adapter with two push-to-connect input/output ports and integrated mounting bracket. With just a quarter-turn, the […]

Inline Process Refractometer, Based on New Smart-Sensor, Achieves Five-Fold Increase in Performance

(CLEVELAND, OH – April 8, 2013) The VIP2 inline process refractometer represents one of the latest advancements in smart-sensor technology. Inline refractometers have long been used to measure the concentration or mixture ratio of fluids in a process stream. Typical inline refractometers consist of either a dumb-sensor cabled to a proprietary external control box, or […]

New Digital-Dairy Instrument Measures Waste Milk Solids, Colostrum Quality, Dehydration, and IgG Blood Levels

(CLEVELAND, OH – April 3, 2013) MISCO introduces their new Digital-Dairy™ line of refractometers specifically designed to help dairy farmers and calf ranchers to rear healthy calves. Among the many problems plaguing dairy farmers and calf ranchers are the management of waste milk and calf milk replacer, calf dehydration, and the measurement of colostrum quality […]

What Makes the Palm Abbe the BEST Digital Handheld Refractometer in the World?

The Palm Abbe® digital handheld refractometer is unique compared to other digital handheld refractometers thanks, in part, to MISCO’s Optical-Engine™ technology. The Optical-Engine is an integrated measurement engine comprised of a light-source, optics, and measurement electronics assembled into a single, nearly indestructible, module. How does the Palm Abbe Digital Refractometer Actually Work? The measurement process […]

New Refractometer Monitors Urea-Based Diesel Exhaust Fluid for Diesel Engines Equipped with Selective Catalytic Reduction Technology

New Tester Measures Urea Concentration in Diesel Exhaust Fluids; Helps Defeat DEF Tampering The MISCO Palm Abbe DEF-201 is a handheld digital refractometer designed specifically for testing the concentration of urea-based Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF). Diesel Exhaust Fluid, which is required for diesel-powered vehicles employing Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology, must be maintained within a […]

From Hive to Table; MISCO Digital Honey Refractometer Provides a Sweet Solution for Measuring Honey Moisture and Solids Content

New Honey Refractometer Puts Laboratory Precision in the Palm of Your Hand MISCO introduces a new line of handheld digital refractometers designed specifically for state and federal inspectors responsible for the measurement and grading of honey. Although designed for government inspectors, the MISCO Digital Honey Refractometer is equally beneficial to professional beekeepers, honey producers, honey […]

From Sea to Shore, New Digital Seawater Refractometer is First to Measure Practical Salinity Units

AQAUR Yields High-Precision Measurements of Seawater, Saltwater & Brackish Ocean Water MISCO introduces the new Palm Abbe AQUAR™ series of handheld digital refractometers, engineered specifically for measuring the physical properties of seawater, saltwater and brackish ocean water. The AQUAR Digital Seawater Refractometer is the first refractometer in the world able to express results in Practical […]

From Sap to Syrup; New Digital Refractometer Keeps Maple Measurements from Getting Sticky

MISCO Puts Laboratory Bench-Top Precision in the Palm of Your Hand MISCO introduces the new eMaple line of handheld digital refractometers engineered specifically for maple syrup production. The low-cost eMaple Maple Syrup Refractometer provides an instant digital field determination of the sugar content, or Brix level, of maple sap or maple syrup. The eMaple Digital […]

New Digital Veterinary Refractometer has Species Specific Scales

Is your veterinary refractometer actually a human refractometer in sheep’s clothing? MISCO introduces the new VETMED Refractometer: a portable digital testing instrument designed for the analysis of animal blood and urine in a clinical veterinary practice or testing laboratory. The VETMED may be used to instantly and accurately measure urine specific gravity, blood plasma protein concentration, […]

New Digital Wine Refractometer Breaks Price/Precision Barrier

MISCO introduces the new Palm Abbe line of handheld digital refractometers engineered specifically for the international wine industry. The Palm Abbes provide an instant digital “field” determination of grape ripeness, grape-must concentration, grape-must density, and sugar content, as well as the potential and actual alcohol content of the finished wine. Measurements are made with a precision […]

First Ever Digital Salometer Measures Salt Brine

Now Measure Sodium Chloride Salt Brine Percent Saturation and Freeze Point with Digital Precision. MISCO introduces the first-ever Digital Salometers which provide increased accuracy and efficiency when measuring the percent saturation and freeze point of sodium chloride salt-brine solutions. The digital Salometer addresses demands for a faster and more reliable test method. Sodium chloride salt-brine solutions […]

New Palm Abbe Family of Digital Handheld Refractometers Puts Laboratory Precision in the Palm of Your Hand

Refractometer Puts Laboratory Bench-Top Precision in the Palm of Your Hand MISCO formally introduced its new Palm Abbe family of handheld digital refractometers today at PITTCON 2005. “With the Palm Abbe, we are able to break price and performance barriers previously unattainable by handheld digital refractometers,” says Michael Rainer, MISCO CEO. “The Palm Abbe family […]