From Hive to Table; MISCO Digital Honey Refractometer Provides a Sweet Solution for Measuring Honey Moisture and Solids Content

MISCO Honey Refractometer BKPR

New Honey Refractometer Puts Laboratory Precision in the Palm of Your Hand

MISCO introduces a new line of handheld digital refractometers designed specifically for state and federal inspectors responsible for the measurement and grading of honey. Although designed for government inspectors, the MISCO Digital Honey Refractometer is equally beneficial to professional beekeepers, honey producers, honey mixers, honey brokers, or anyone requiring the absolute most accurate, repeatable readings of moisture content and percent solids in honey.

The moisture content of honey is critical to its grade and overall quality. If the moisture content is too high, there is a risk of fermentation; too low and it may crystallize or granulize. The battle between fermentation and crystallization in honey production is a delicate balancing act that can hinge on just a couple percent. An accurate measurement of moisture content, using a refractometer, represents the best weapon in this battle.

To operate, simply place a drop or two of honey in the stainless steel sample well on the MISCO Digital Honey Refractometer. Then close the cover, to prevent the absorption of moisture, and press a single button to receive an instant, accurate reading of honey moisture content or dissolved solids content.

According to Michael Caminer, MISCO’s Director of Marketing, “The magic behind the precision of the Digital Honey Refractometer is a result of MISCO’s proprietary OPTICAL-ENGINE®. This Optical-Engine combines high-precision optics with a linear detector array containing 1,024 elements. That’s more than seven-times the detector elements of the leading competitor.”

The Optical-Engine allows the MISCO Digital Honey Refractometer to repeatedly measure with a precision better than +/- 0.1%. This precision is comparable to mid-range bench-top laboratory refractometers costing thousands of dollars more.

The MISCO Digital Honey Refractometer features a precision-machined stainless steel sample well with a cover that helps prevent further absorption of water. At the bottom of the sample well, a sapphire prism, the next hardest substance to diamond, provides a virtually unscratchable measurement surface.

The user-interface of the MISCO Digital Honey Refractometer consists of two buttons and is both intuitive and easy to learn. A large two-line 24-character LCD display provides the user with an indication of the unit of measure (percent moisture or percent dissolved solids) and the actual measurement value. Full text prompts, various menu options, and error messages are also displayed.

The MISCO Digital Honey Refractometer represents the highest-level of development in the field of honey measurement, and far exceeds the requirements for honey refractometers established by the USFDA, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. Plus, a digital refractometer removes the subjectivity associated with analog refractometers that require users to interpret where a boundary line crosses tiny scale divisions.

The following standard instruments and scales are available:

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A world leader in the refractometer field, MISCO is headquartered in Cleveland, OH, home to the company for 60 years. MISCO designs, manufacturers and sells a variety of refractometers, including: digital bench-top laboratory refractometers, inline process control refractometers, digital handheld refractometers, and traditional handheld instruments. For more information, please call (216) 831-1000, or access MISCO’s web site at