How to Zero-Set a Digital Handheld Refractometer

Zero-setting the Palm Abbe is both fun and easy! Well maybe I exaggerated about the fun part, but it is easy. This section is for general reference only and is not a replacement for the product instruction manual. Please completely read the instruction manual before using the instrument. If you have lost your manual, duplicate manuals are available from MISCO customer service, or you may download it HERE. Following these steps will help you maximize the precision and accuracy of your measurements.

apply sample to refractometer1. Apply Sample.

Open the evaporation cover on the front of the refractometer. Inspect the measuring surface to make sure that it is clean and dry and that there is no residue left over from a previous test. Place a few drops of water, preferably distilled water, on the measuring surface. Make sure that the water is evenly distributed and covers the entire measuring surface, and then close the evaporation cover.

wait for refractometer2. WAIT.

In order for the refractometer’s temperature compensation to work properly, and to obtain the most accurate possible zero-set, the refractometer temperature, the water temperature, and the ambient temperature should all be in equilibrium. The relative thermal mass of the water is small when compared with the thermal mass of the refractometer so it will generally come to the temperature of the refractometer rather quickly, providing there is not a very large temperature difference.

refractometer press-go3. Power On.

If the Palm Abbe is not already on, then press and release the <GO> button to turn it on.

refractometer press-menu4. Select Zero-Set.

Press and release the <Menu> button until you see “Set Zero? – [GO] to Set” displayed on the LCD display and then press and release the <GO> button.

refractometer is ready5. Check Display.

If the calibration was successful, the display will read “Ready.” If the calibration was not successful, then the display will display an error message. Press and release the <GO> button to trigger a reading. In a few seconds a reading will be displayed on the LCD display using the default (last used) scale. The value displayed should be the value for water in that unit of measure. If the default scale does not have a water equivalent then you will receive a “SAMPLE OUT OF RANGE -” message.

clean refractometer well6. Clean Refractometer.

Clean and dry the refractometer measuring surface.

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