Digital Refractometer Error Messages

The most common source of error is trying to take readings with the cover open. If this is not the case, and you suspect the instrument is malfunctioning or giving an erroneous reading, try zero setting it and take a reading of water to check the zero set. If the instrument readings are still suspicious, replace the batteries and repeat the above procedure. If the instrument “locks up” and will not read or shut off, clear the instrument by removing the batteries. If unit fails to display “MISCO / Palm Abbe II” when starting, check battery insertion and polarity. If the unit still will not start, check battery charge and/or replace batteries. If batteries are good and unit still will not start, call MISCO Technical Support at (216) 831-1000.

Following is a list of Palm Abbe Digital Refractometer error messages and what you can do about it.

NO SAMPLE DETECTED: No sample was detected on the refractometer measuring surface. Check the sample and try again.

CLOSE COVER PRESS [GO]: You may receive this message if you forget to close the refractometer evaporation cover. Close the cover and press and release the <GO> button.

OUT OF RANGE TEMP (+) or(-): The refractometer is indicating that the temperature of the fluid is above (+) or below (-) the temperature range of the refractometer. The standard temperature range for the Palm Abbe refractometer is 0 to 50°C (32 to 122 °F), although certain models may have a smaller range. The yellow specification card that accompanied your refractometer will indicate if any of the scales have a smaller than standard range.

TEMP. STABLE ERROR: You will receive this error if, when taking a reading, the rate of change of temperature relative to time exceeds a predetermined amount. Just wait a while for the temperature to stabilize and try again.

SAMPLE OUT OF RANGE (+) or (-): You will receive this error message if the unit of measure value, as measured, is above (+) or below (-) the range of the current scale. For instance, if your unit has a percent concentration scale and a freeze point scale for a particular fluid. Even if the concentration scale read from 0 to 100%, you could receive a “SAMPLE OUT OF RANGE +” message if testing an 80% fluid on the freeze point scale where the maximum freeze point occurs at 70%.

WARNING LOW BATTERY: Time to change the batteries.