Digital Handheld Refractometer FAQ

How do I turn it off?

The refractometer will power off automatically after three minutes of inactivity. To manually shut off the instrument, hold the ON/CLEAR button down for 3-5 seconds.


How do I change the SCALES?

Pressing the SELECT button will cycle through all the possible scale choices on the instrument. If you want to permanently change the instrument scales, you may send it back to us and we will be happy to reprogram it for you for a slight charge.


Why does my instrument read [BRIGHT +]?

A reading of [ BRIGHT + ] indicates the optical sensor is being overpowered by strong ambient light. If this happens, shade the sensor or move to a less brightly lit area and repeat the measurement.


Why does my instrument read [TEMP]?

A reading of [ TEMP ] indicates the fluid or instrument temperature is above or below the range of the instrument.


Why does my instrument read [RANGE +/-]?

A reading of [ RANGE +/- ] indicates that the measurement is above or below the range of the current scale. If the instrument periodically reads [RANGE -], make sure you haven’t trapped a small bubble in the sensing area. A bubble directly over the sensing area can cause the instrument to display [RANGE -].


Why does my instrument read [CALIBRTE]?

A reading of [ CALIBRTE ] indicates the instrument needs to be calibrated. The spelling error is intentional since we can only display eight characters.


Why does my instrument read [LOW BATT]?

A reading of [ LOW BATT ] indicates the battery needs to be replaced. Make sure you observe the battery polarity when changing the battery.


How often should I calibrate?

It is recommended that the instrument be calibrated at least once a day, prior to performing any test requiring the highest precision, or when moving between environments with extreme changes in ambient temperature.


Why won’t it turn on?

If your instrument won’t power on, check the battery polarity. If the polarity is correct and the instrument will still not power on, change the battery. If it still doesn’t work, call MISCO tech-support at 216-831-1000.


I lost my instruction manual

You can download a replacement instruction manual in PDF format from our support page. Click on Instruction Manuals