How to Change a Digital Refractometer Battery

The Palm Abbe digital refractometer requires two AAA batteries to operate. Although the batteries typically last for 3,000 or more readings, they will at some time need to be replaced. When the batteries are near the end of their useful life, the Palm Abbe will display, “WARNING! LOW BATTERY.”

Install-Battery1. If the Palm Abbe refractometer is equipped with a Rubber Armor Jacket, you can still access the battery compartment panel, but it may be easier for you to remove the jacket from the instrument.

2. You can access the battery compartment through a small panel located on the back of the refractometer. Using a small Phillips-Head screw driver, carefully remove the two small screws on the battery compartment panel. Make sure not to lose these screws or the two tiny O-rings located on the inside of the door. If you do lose them, replacement parts are listed below.

3. Remove the batteries and dispose of them properly.

4. Inspect the battery compartment for signs of fluid penetration, damage to the battery compartment seal, damage to the two O-rings, or for signs of corrosion on the battery contacts. If any of these symptoms exist they should be corrected before reinstalling the batteries. Please contact MISCO technical support staff with any questions concerning replacement parts.

5. Insert two AAA batteries into the refractometer making sure that the polarity is correct.

6. Put the two O-rings into position on the screw thread on the inside of the battery cover.

7. Position the battery compartment panel on the back of the refractometer and tighten the two screws snuggly. Do not over-tighten the screws.

User Replaceable Parts:

Battery Door Screws: Machine Screw, Phillips Head, Round Head, 18-8 Stainless Steel, #2-56 x 5/16” Long – McMaster-Carr Cross Reference #91773A078

Battery Door O-Rings: 1 mm Cross Section x 2 mm I.D., Buna-N, Durometer A-70, Black – McMaster-Carr Cross Reference #9262K101

Battery Door Cover: PA-PLA-203-004-BLUE or PA-PLA-203-004-BLACK


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