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The MISCO Digital Wine Refractometers were developed specifically for the international wine industry and professional viticulturists. They are equally at home in the winery or vineyard. There is a wide selection of instruments available combining several of our most popular wine scales. These sturdy handheld refractometers can be equipped with international wine units of measure, including: Brix, Baume, Oechsle, KMW, and the Actual Sugar Content (grams/Liter) of grape juice and grape must. Measurements are made with precision comparable to mid-range bench-top refractometers costing thousands of dollars more. This is an indispensable tool that the vineyard manager or professional winemaker simply can’t afford to be without. Select from the stock selection below or create your own unique instrument with your own combination of scales using our build-your-own refractometer section.

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