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Refractometer for Fire Sprinkler Maintenance – The MISCO digital refractometer is the perfect tool for both installers and inspectors. It is a must-have tool for anyone installing or maintaining fire sprinklers. Instant, accurate readings will help fire professionals make good on-the-spot decisions concerning the amount of propylene glycol or glycerine to add for optimal system performance.

Refractometer for Wildfire Retardant Chemicals – Ideal for lot acceptance, quality assurance, and field quality control of fire retardant chemicals at air tanker bases, the MISCO digital refractometer is ready to test the concentration of Fire-Trol or Phos-Chek. Both Brix and 10440 scales are available.

Refractometer for Firefighting Foam – Because conductivity meters can be adversely affected by water hardness and water quality, the refractometer remains the best field-method available for measuring low, medium, and high expansion firefighting foams such as AFFF and FFFP. The MISCO PA202, with dual refractive index and Brix scales, is the ideal refractometer for measuring foam mixture concentrations.

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Get a Grip – You’ll know your Palm Abbe has protection from accidental drops thanks to our Rubber Armor Jacket, available exclusively on MISCO refractometers. Available in three colors, it can be added to any Palm Abbe to increase durability and provide a better grip.

*Palm Abbe handheld refractometers shown with optional Rubber Armor jackets.