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In regions that experience low temperatures, the prevention and removal of snow and ice from road surfaces is an essential safety measure. Treatment of road surfaces with solid sodium chloride (road salt) continues to be the predominant method for deicing and anti-icing roads. There has been a trend towards applying a liquid salt brine solution, or liquid road deicer, to roadways for deicing, anti-icing, and pre-treatment in more recent years.

The popularity and success of liquid road deicers continue to increase. However, if the salt brine solution’s concentration is too low, it may do more harm than good. A quick test with a MISCO digital refractometer will instantly and accurately measure concentration, saturation, or freezing point. If you are mixing or applying liquid salt brine to roads, a refractometer represents the best method of ensuring the proper concentration for safe application.

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*Palm Abbe handheld refractometers shown with optional Rubber Armor jackets.