Refractometer for Measuring Ethylene Glycol Run-Off.


I would like to obtain some additional information regarding your PALM ABBE PA202X-011-014 ethylene glycol refractometer. Our enquiry is related to the use of the refractometer for measuring runoff and surface waters for ethylene glycol. Specific questions are:

1. Units of measure. Does the instrument have the capability of reporting measurements in mg/L?

2. What is the range (lower detection limit and upper limit) of detection of the instrument in mg/L?

3. If there is an upper range, is there a procedure specified for sample dilution?

4. Are there any properties of the matrix (water) that may interfere with the analyses (e.g., suspended solids, dissolved solids, pH)?

5. What is the precision and accuracy of the measurements (+/- in terms of mg/L)? Does the accuracy/precision vary according to sample concentration?

6. Could you provide a pdf of the operating manual for our review?

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